Best Monoculars of 2021


Looking for the perfect monocular for your hobby? We review the top monoculars for hunting and bird watching, and also the top night vision and thermal imaging devices. Whether it be for hunting, bird watching, or just capturing interesting experiences, monoculars are the light, compact, and effective long range viewing tool that you need. In … Read more

5 Best Voice Activated Audio Recorders

best voice activated recorders

Find the perfect voice activated recorder for you with our buyer’s guide and reviews of the very best currently available. If you are looking to purchase a voice activated recorder, there is plenty of choice out there. However, to help you decide you can check out this list of the top 5 best voice activated … Read more

5 Best Spy Microphones

best spy microphone

Find the perfect hidden microphone for your needs with our awesome guide to the best available right now. From the smallest listening devices to the most unique and discreet microphones, we’ve found them all. We feature 5 of what we believe are the top spy microphones on the market right now, so you can make … Read more

5 Best RF Bug Detectors

best RF bug detectors

Find the best RF bug detector for your need with our detailed reviews and comparisons of the top models available right now. To many, it may seem a little far-fetched that we could be being spied on by our government, agencies, criminals, or even those that are close to us. But at the end of … Read more

5 Best UV Flashlights

best UV flashlights

On the hunt for the perfect UV flashlight? Check out our comparisons of the top models so you get the right one for your needs. If you’ve ever worried about the cleanliness of your hotel room, whether there’s a scorpion on the ground near your campsite or whether you’ve wondered whether there’s any trace left … Read more

The 5 Best IR Illuminators

best ir illuminator

We recommend the top infrared illuminators on the market right now. Find the perfect model for your set-up with our guide and reviews. IR illuminators are the perfect accompaniment to get the most out of your night vision device. By emitting light in the infrared spectrum, they brighten up what would otherwise be an image … Read more

The Best Night Vision Driving Glasses

driving at night

In today’s post we review the top night vision glasses on the market. Find the perfect pair for your night-time driving today. According to the National Safety Council, the risk of a fatal car crash is three times greater at night time. Fatigue, impaired drivers, rush hours, and compromised night vision are all said to … Read more