7 Best Hidden Flasks

hidden flask guide

Fed up paying the extortionate alcohol prices on cruises and at concerts? Get yourself one of these sneaky flasks and never pay over the odds again.We’ve all been there, you wait for 20 minutes in a ...

What Exactly is Kevlar?


Heard of super strength Kevlar but unsure about what it is? Yeah, so were we. In today's article we piece together all things Kevlar.Though most people are aware of Kevlar’s durable properties, many ...

How to Become a Private Investigator

How to Become a Private Investigator

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How do Walkie-Talkies Work?


Ever wondered how those little radio transmitters work? They may be old but they're still used for good reason. Today, we explain all about walkie-talkies.Walkie-talkies have been around for years, ...

The World’s Best Intelligence Agencies

top intelligence agencies of the world

There is nothing more tantalizing than the chance to find out what goes on inside the world’s best intelligence agencies, from MI6 to the CIA and Mossad, read on for your rundown of the undercover ...

8 of the Best Spy Movies


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How to Make a Parabolic Microphone


Parabolic microphones can be expensive to buy, but you can make one relatively easily and at little cost. In today's article, we show you how.We are always looking for new technology to use in our ...

10 Top Spy Toys for Kids

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In today's guide we recommend the best educational spy gear for kids. There really is something for everyone and some of them are guaranteed to provide entertainment for even the fussiest of kids out ...

How to Become a Spy


Thinking about becoming a spy? Today we take you through the steps you'll need to take and the things you need to consider.The first question you must ask yourself before you can become a spy is: Are ...

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9 Easy Homemade Spy Gadgets


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