5 Best Peephole Cameras

door camera lens

Doorbell cameras add an extra layer of security and convenience to the home. In this guide, we take a close look at five of the top models on the market right now. Find out which one is right for you! If someone asked you what the worst sound in the world is, what would you … Read more

5 Top Nanny Cameras

nanny camera

Looking for a reliable and easy to use nanny camera? We recommend 5 of the top models on the market in today’s big guide.  Nanny cameras are small cameras that are placed inside your home. While you’re at work or between courses on date night, you can access live streams from your smartphone or similar … Read more

The Best Endoscope Cameras


We take a close look at the 5 best endoscope cameras available today. Make sure to read our detailed reviews before you make a choice. A good endoscope (or borescope, we’ll explain a bit later) has become a bit of a “must have” tool for plumbers these days. Once an expensive tool used solely in … Read more

5 Best Telescopes for Kids


Does your kid dream of being an astronaut? Make their space dreams come true with one of these spectacular telescopes that will transport their imagination out of this world. Space is a magical thing. Whether it’s from watching cartoons set in space, or Marvel movies that introduced us to the likes of Groot and Rocket … Read more

The 4 Best Mini Spy Cameras

small spy cameras

We review 4 of the best mini spy cameras available right now. You don’t have to be James Bond to have a tiny camera these days! The quality of information that a surveillance operation uncovers is heavily dependent on the technology being used.Thankfully, we’re now at a point where technology has realized the once far-fetched … Read more

5 Best Wireless Trail Cameras


We’ve got wireless motion activated cameras covered in today’s massive StealthyNinjas.com guide! Wireless trail cameras have become an essential tool for the modern hunter, researcher, and general outdoors aficionado. Whether you’re hoping to catch a rare bird on camera, the mating rituals of spotted genets, an unwelcome intruder or whatever deer get up to at … Read more

The 5 Top Binoculars for Kids


We’ve found some of the finest binoculars for young explorers and put them to the test. Find out which we’d choose over all others in our guide to kids’ binoculars. If your child enjoys outdoor adventures and you want to help them make the most of their time outside, finding a great set of binoculars … Read more