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5 Best Microscopes


We take a close look at the top microscopes currently available. Get the perfect microscope for your next project with our guide and reviews.Microscopes are perfect for viewing the tiniest of ...

How to Make a Metal Detector

Make a metal detector

Learn how to build your own homemade metal detector with these household objects in a few easy steps and discover this addictive hobby for yourself.Have you ever wondered if there is hidden treasure ...

The Best Bear Sprays

bear spray deterrents

Make sure you equip yourself with the best bear spray so you and loved ones can go camping and hiking without becoming a bear’s next meal!Unlike Canadians, bears aren’t going to be as friendly. For ...

5 Best Voice Activated Audio Recorders

best voice activated recorders

Find the perfect voice activated recorder for you with our buyer’s guide and reviews of the very best currently available.If you are looking to purchase a voice activated recorder, there is plenty of ...

5 Best Spy Microphones

best spy microphone

Find the perfect hidden microphone for your needs with our awesome guide to the best available right now.From the smallest listening devices to the most unique and discreet microphones, we’ve found ...

5 Best RF Bug Detectors

best RF bug detectors

Find the best RF bug detector for your need with our detailed reviews and comparisons of the top models available right now.To many, it may seem a little far-fetched that we could be being spied on ...

How do Walkie-Talkies Work?


Ever wondered how those little radio transmitters work? They may be old but they're still used for good reason. Today, we explain all about walkie-talkies.Walkie-talkies have been around for years, ...

5 Best UV Flashlights

best UV flashlights

On the hunt for the perfect UV flashlight? Check out our comparisons of the top models so you get the right one for your needs.If you’ve ever worried about the cleanliness of your hotel room, whether ...

5 Best Pinpoint Metal Detectors

best pinpoint metal detectors

In the market for a new pinpoint metal detector? We compare the best models on the market and see which we prefer.If you’re looking for the best pinpointing metal detector and need to get the best ...

The World’s Best Intelligence Agencies

top intelligence agencies of the world

There is nothing more tantalizing than the chance to find out what goes on inside the world’s best intelligence agencies, from MI6 to the CIA and Mossad, read on for your rundown of the undercover ...

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