How to Tell if Your Car is Bugged & What to Do


Last updated on November 28th, 2022

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Want to know how to tell if your car is bugged and how to detect GPS trackers? You’re in the right place as we have all the information right here!

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Although it’s unlikely that the F.B.I is on your tail wanting to know what you had for breakfast and how long you spent at the restroom, there are many people who are being tracked, monitored, watched and listened in on illegally.

Most common victims include those who hold sensitive information, professional athletes, people working in high-authority positions and most often than not – jealous lovers and partners who don’t trust that your secretary is just a friend, or if they really are just a friendly work colleague.

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The devices used to monitor your whereabouts, and the conversations you have with other people in person and over the phone can vary. Some of them can be sophisticated, difficult to detect and hard to locate. Others can be cheap produce from shady online sites.

Some examples of devices being used include hidden cameras placed in hotel rooms and restrooms, telephone interceptors and GPS tracking devices.

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When it comes to your vehicle, most bugs will be GPS trackers. Here, we will help you try to figure out if your car has been bugged and if you do find a tracker, what you should do next.

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How to Tell if Your Car is Bugged

As humans, we have an amazing ability to “just know” when someone is monitoring us with their eyes. Some of the best romantic films and horror movies start this way.

Fortunately, we can quickly look over our shoulder and catch the shy future lover or potential killer in a second. However, this isn’t the same when trying to locate bugs on our vehicles.

You may have a gut instinct that something isn’t right or that you’re being followed home from work, but there is no way to tell if your vehicle is bugged without taking action. So, the better question is…

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How to Scan Your Car For a Tracking Device

The first option is to take a look around the car. Some better places to look are underneath the car and close to the back wheels. However, if your tracker knows what they are doing, they are likely to not be so obvious.

Many GPS bugs are placed deeper into the car’s electronics and behind the dashboard. This is a likely place that more knowledgeable people will choose – or lovers that certainly have a significant level of dedication to want to catch you. 

Before you rip your car apart, you can buy something to save you time and probably save you from damaging expensive parts. GPS bug detectors are available to the general public and are able to help you locate unsuspecting devices in your vehicle. They work to search for wireless devices by looking for electronic frequencies in your vehicle’s proximity.

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Please note, these devices don’t intercept or block car bugs, they just help you find them. What you do next is down to you and we’ll come on to that in a moment.

Just like the quality of bugs that different people and groups use, the quality of these devices can vary. Some models are fairly useless and won’t detect all devices, but there are some quality models online that we’ve already managed to hunt down for you.

Remember that when using these devices you need to switch off your smartphone or put it in flight mode. You need to turn off all similar items or you’ll be spending your time hunting down your own devices instead of potential bugs. It’s best to park in a remote area where nothing else can be picked up by the detector.

Alternatively, you could seek out professionals who have the best equipment on the market to find your vehicle’s GPS bug for you. Naturally, getting a professional to find it for you will cost more money and is not always needed. Yet, if the bug is compromising you or your family’s security then it becomes a no-brainer.

So, that answers the question of how to detect GPS trackers. But what if your suspicions were correct and everyone that said that your paranoia was wrong? You’ve found the little bug that has been tracking your vehicle’s movements – what do you do next?

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You Found a Bug – What Next?

Ok so you know how to tell if your car is bugged and you also found one in your car.

First of all, according to the NCSL it is illegal to bug someone’s car, so you could go straight to the police station. They will know or will be able to contact people who know how to disable vehicle GPS tracking devices. It also allows you to record the incident with the police so if anything peculiar happens down the line they already know some details.

You might not want to go to the police because you may have a good idea who put it there and feel it safe to confront them – we’re talking about those soon-to-be ex-partners again. Be careful when doing so – if they went to the extremes of bugging your vehicle you’re not sure what else they might do.

If you want to destroy the bug yourself there are a couple of options. It may be a cheap product and you may be able to simply turn it off. However, more sophisticated designs might require some repeated pounds with a sturdy hammer. You could also leave it somewhere remote after damaging it or put it in the recycling? Just remember, turning it off or destroying it may alert your tracker!

You might not want to go to the police because you’re the illegal party. Some rental vehicles or company cars are legally bugged to know your working location, working hours or for other monitoring or safety reasons. If this is you then… no comment.

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We hope you have learned how to tell if your car is bugged. We’ve provided you with some well-researched information on how to approach suspected car bugging and the different options at your disposal if you do find a GPS bug in your vehicle.

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