5 Best USB Digital Microscopes

USB digital microscope guide

Looking for a digital USB microscope that will take photographs of specimens at the touch of a button? Look no further than these five top choices for every budget. Just a few decades ago, microscopes were a rarity, with only those who went into further education studying the sciences getting to look through their lenses. … Read more

5 Best Microscopes for Kids & Teens

Teacher and student with microscope

Help your child explore the world of nature and science with one of these fantastic educational microscopes that will bring the whole family together to learn. Our children are incredibly inquisitive creatures. It doesn’t matter if it’s mucking about in dirt or trying to catch bugs, if there’s something that intrigues them, they’re going to … Read more

5 Best Microscopes


We take a close look at the top microscopes currently available. Get the perfect microscope for your next project with our guide and reviews. Microscopes are perfect for viewing the tiniest of objects. While some people use them for professional or educational purposes, others simply enjoy the fascinating experience of viewing bacteria and other microscopic … Read more