5 Best Nanny Cam to Ensure Your Child’s Safety – Top Picks For 2023


Last updated on March 8th, 2023

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Looking for a reliable and easy to use nanny camera? We recommend 5 of the top models on the market in today’s big guide. 

nanny camera

Nanny cameras are small cameras that are placed inside your home. While you’re at work or between courses on date night, you can access live streams from your smartphone or similar devices and see what’s going on back at your castle.

Is the nanny doing their job properly? Are the kids behaving? These cameras are usually very small so you can hide them between books or other small items – or you can secure them in plain sight as a deterrent.

A lot can go wrong while you’re away from home and leaving your possessions and kids with someone else. These cameras are fantastic at being an extra layer of security to give you peace of mind when heading off on a business trip or vacation.

Another popular use for them is to use them as a granny cam to monitor nurses visiting your parents and grandparents who may be being taken advantage of.

Other people they are used to keep tabs on are cleaners and gardeners. You could also use them as hidden home security cameras in case your home is broken in to, or use one to tell Jasper, the family dog, to stop barking.

If you’re considering, or are already on the hunt for a nanny cam, we can help. Here we’re going to discuss and review five exceptional options that are currently on the market. We’ll take a look at their best features, where they could do better and compare them so you can find one that suits your needs and budget. So, what are we waiting for, let’s have a spy…

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The Top Models Compared

See how our favorite nanny cameras compare in the table below.

We review each model in more detail in the section that follows.

Blink Mini Indoor Camera

1080p HD video, night vision, motion detection, two-way audio, easy set up, Works with Alexa – 1 camera

wansview Wireless Nanny Cam

IP Camera 1080P HD, WiFi Home Indoor Camera for Baby/Pet/Nanny, 2 Way Audio Night Vision, Works with Alexa, with TF Card Slot and Cloud

faleemi Wireless Nanny Cam

1280 X 720P @ 30 fps- Night vision- Two-way audio- Motion detection

Bosma CapsuleCam Pro Baby Monitor

1920 x 1080P @ 30 fps- Night vision- Two-way audio- Motion detection

EZVIZ 4MP Indoor Camera 360 degree view

1920 x 1080P @ 30 fps- 360° panoramic view- Two-way audio- Motion detection

Our Nanny Cam Reviews

Read about our recommended cameras in more detail as we discuss what makes them stand out.

The Best Nanny Cam: Blink Cloud Cam Security Camera 

best nanny cam_blink


  • Exceptional camera quality with live streaming
  • Movement sensors and zone detection
  • Sends notifications
  • Pairs with Alexa


  • Some features exclusive to paying memberships

The first nanny camera we’re big fans of is the Blink Cloud Cam (Previously branded as Amazon Cloud Cam). It provides you with phenomenal 1080p HD viewing so you can receive crystal-clear live streams from a smartphone, laptop or similar device via the free Cloud Cam application. If you’ve forgotten your smartphone but remember your logging in details, you can even access your live stream from a secure web browser!

If the camera picks up any activity then you can opt-in for notifications. Naturally, unless you deactivate the notifications it means any movement by your nanny or kids is going to set it off. However, if you’re making sure the nanny doesn’t venture into forbidden territory such as your bedroom, then this feature and these notifications will come in useful.

It also has a night vision sensor to allow you to see what is going on when the lights are switched off or in low light rooms. This function can be managed inside the manufacturer’s app instead of constantly leaving it on ready for dusk. This will help to save the camera’s battery.

Other impressive features include two-way audio and the ability to pair up with Amazon Alexa. You could use voice commands to access the live stream on your Echo and Fire devices!

You get two options with this device. You can use it with the free basic plan which allows you to view and download the previous 24-hours of footage. Alternatively, you can sign up to their pay-monthly premium plan to access their additional features.

These features include zone and person detection and an extended stock of past footage reaching back 30 days. Can’t decide if you need the paid version? No problem! This product comes with a 30-day free trial of the premium plan to help you work out if it’s worth the extra money for you.

We’re going to start comparing this camera with the four to follow. We’re not trying to spoil your read; we’re just trying to help you make an informed wireless nanny cam decision. There are lots of features that are unbeatable on this one and features that can only be matched by others. These features include the quality of the camera, the accompanying app with instant notifications and the ability to pair with Alexa. However, the subscription package isn’t going to please everyone.

If you’ve used Amazon Alexa before then you’ll know how convenient voice control interfaces are. This is the standout feature that really makes this camera shine. It’s got an incredibly intuitive interface that the others can’t match. If you already have an Alexa device then this could be a great option for you, however, if you aren’t already an Alexa user then the costs of buying and pairing two devices really adds up.

This is the most expensive device on our list of five popular options. It’s not even just a little pricier. The camera is more than double of some of the other models. This makes it relatively poor value for money, but you can get a discount if you buy more than one at a time. Its value-for-money rating can improve if you need to get a few for different rooms or if you’re clubbing together with friends and family to purchase a few.

  Our Final Verdict: Although this has a lot of outstanding features and is one of the best nanny cameras on the market, it’s only suitable for those willing to pay for the subscription to access the best features and for those who aren’t worried about online servers storing your home’s recordings.

Wansview Security Camera

best nanny cam_wansview

The Wansview hidden nanny cam with audio is another fantastic option. It also gives owners exceptional viewing quality with a 1080p HD camera. It’s a fairly cool design as well and looks like the top of some robotic creature.

You can access the happenings inside your home from anywhere in the world providing you have a WiFi connection. Simply open the free-to-download Wansview app on a smartphone, tablet or laptop and watch the live stream inside your home. You can even check in from a web browser too if your smartphone is out of battery or you left it elsewhere!

It accommodates a micro SD card with a considerable memory of 128GB. Although you’ll need to buy the card yourself, once you have it you can save and playback any vital evidence to prove the nanny is mistreating the kids or the dog or that they really are helping themselves to your jewelry cabinet.

You can even save and play the video back without removing the card from the camera. For this, you’ll need a Mac or Windows computer. No costly subscriptions to be considering here – but not as many advanced features either!

On this nanny cam with audio, you can communicate two ways. You can speak directly to the nanny or just scare your partner and visitors with pranks. It also has infrared night vision up to 20 feet and comes with free technical assistance in case you ever get stuck.

So, what has this got that the previous one didn’t? Well, this one has advanced settings to let you change the viewing angle from the app! If the nanny is slightly out of sight and you’re getting suspicious, or you need to zone in on what he or she is holding then this nanny cam can help. You can operate the camera to pan further and see more of the room or zoom in with four zooming levels.

Now you’ve seen this camera, you’ve seen the alternative to the subscription package which stores recordings on a server. This will be the deciding factor for many people. Compared to the others this is a solid option with many features – ones that you’ll have access to without paying more each month. It’s almost the cheapest option on our list and it’s definitely nowhere near the least impressive nanny camera here either. If you want value for money then smile, say cheese and wave hello at this camera!


  • 1080p HD camera
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Uses SD card instead of servers
  • 20-feet night vision
  • Panning capability


  • Micro SD card not included

  Our Final Verdict: This is an exceptional option for those who have been put off by the idea of servers storing your recordings. It’s also for those who are on a smaller budget but still want quality and a range of nice features!

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faleemi Wireless Nanny Cam

best nanny cam_faleemi

Next up is the 720p HD Faleemi Nanny Cam and it’s certainly deserving of a place on our shortlist of the best nanny cams around at the moment. It would make the perfect granny webcam device or babysitter camera. It has similar aesthetics to the one we just saw, which is definitely a good thing. It looks a bit like a mini R2-D2 clone from Star Wars. It’s similar to the previous one in other ways as well…

You can instantly stream the recording from your home using the Faleemi app which is readily available and free to download. All recordings can then be saved, downloaded and even shared if needed by simply inserting a micro SD card. Note, you’ll need to source the card yourself and make sure you don’t get one with a bigger capacity than 128GB to make sure it’s compatible. Footage can also be recorded using the smartphone or tablet you use to do your live streaming but this will sue your device’s storage.

It’s similar to the previous one in even more ways. It also has the function to pan the room in all directions – however, this one hasn’t been to yoga class as much and won’t flex left and right as far as the previous one would. Other features include night vision up to 16 feet, two-way audio, instantaneous motion alerts and it will even email you snapshot images of any movements. Cool right? It comes with a wall bracket and screws so you can get it set up swiftly.

Compared to the other nanny cameras just a click away from you right now, this one falls short of the others in terms of camera quality. We’re not saying 720p HD is bad, we’re just saying it’s not 1080p HD. It also falls short of the other models’ standards in other aspects, such as night vision range and panning capability. However, if these aren’t essentials to your needs there is no reason why this couldn’t be the perfect option for you. Considering this is the cheapest on our list, and much cheaper than some of the other cameras, it remains outstanding value for money!


  • Great value for money
  • Easily accessible recordings
  • Snapshot notifications
  • Two-way audio


  • Lower quality camera
  • Shorter night vision range

  Our Final Verdict: If you want a no-thrills cheap nanny cam without being trapped into subscriptions then the Faleemi Nanny Cam will be worth checking out in more detail. Go on – take a better look!

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EZVIZ Wireless Dome Camera

best nanny cam_ezviz

The penultimate WiFi nanny cam we want you to be aware of is this EZVIZ model that comes in a choice of black or white. The color choice may make it easier for you to conceal the camera by matching it with your décor if preferred. It’s quite surprising that the other manufacturers haven’t offered different colors. Note everyone has sleek white or matte black walls and furnishings.

This 1080p HD camera may be the Mona Lisa of cameras. Don’t worry it’s not that expensive – but it will identify movement and follow it around the room just like the painting’s eyes. On top of that, it will simultaneously send you a notification of the movement. It has all the other awesome features we’ve seen so far, including two-way communication, screws and mounts and a whopping 33 feet of night vision range. This is the best range out of all these incredible cameras.

So, what makes it unique? There are a couple of reasons it’s a standout option for parents or concerned grandchildren. The dome design allows the camera to be controlled to capture the whole room. The rotations can be made via the company’s free and easily-accessible app. It also works with Amazon Alexa on Echo Show devices.

If you have more than one of these cameras you can use voice commands to check out streams of the camera in each room. It also has a feature you won’t find on any of the other four we’re featuring. It has a privacy tool that can be activated with the flick of a button. This feature will cut all recordings until the privacy setting is deactivated.

This privacy feature may make you feel a little better when you understand that this is another subscription-offering mode that saves recordings on an external server. To access the best features of the product you must pay for an ongoing subscription. Your recordings are stored on servers so you never run out of memory but can cause some people to worry in case they’re hacked. However, these servers are as protected as a bank’s servers – so they say. To help you decide if you want their paid subscription, they’ll tease you with a 30-day free trial.

If we put this one up against the other four nanny cams, it wins a lot of small battles, including the ability to capture footage from most of the room due to its clever dome design. It also has the best night vision range, it will track movements unlike the others and it has a unique privacy feature for when the nanny leaves but date night continues. The only thing that may put people off is that all recordings are stored somewhere between the clouds. It might have won the battle, but did it win the war for you?

In terms of value for money, it’s certainly a good option. It does cost more than the previous two models but it’s also a lot better quality than those. It’s probably a better option than the first camera we showed you and is much cheaper than that one. If you want quality and are willing to spend some bigger notes then choose this one!


  • Long night vision range
  • Innovative dome design lets you see more
  • Pairs with Amazon Alexa
  • Movement tracking technology


  • Must pay a subscription for many benefits

  Our Final Verdict: This nanny camera is your friend who keeps winning at the poker night. It has a lot going for it and can stand out from the pack. If you don’t mind servers and subscriptions, then say hello and wave at the EZVIZ camera.

Bosma Security Camera

best nanny cam_bosma

The last nanny camera on our buyer guide is the Bosma Security Camera. Does it have a unique selling feature? It certainly does and we’re going to dive straight into it because it’s that cool. Whereas the other cameras all had night vision at differing lengths – this one has night vision in color! This is super beneficial when using the camera to watch your nanny’s behavior in the evening or in poorly lit rooms.

There’s no worrying about subscription payments and personal recordings of your home being leaked online with this nanny camera. Instead, it uses a 16GB micro SD card to capture your data and gives you free and secure access to it at any time. This doesn’t give you too much storage but it also means you don’t have to hand over more of your hard-earned cash to make the most of the best features, such as motion detection. If the camera detects any motion it will alert you via any of your applicable devices.

Other eyebrow-lifting features are that it includes two-way audio so you can communicate with your nanny, the twins or Molly the dog. You can do this from the beach on your vacation or just from Walmart. It doesn’t have a feature to pan around the room but it does have a wider lens so you can capture most, if not all, of the action with a single shot.

If you’re thinking it isn’t offering much in terms of uniqueness except its colored night vision, you’d be wrong. Don’t worry, we’re all wrong sometimes. The stand on the camera will extend to aid you in finding the best angle when mounting it to a wall or ceiling. To top everything off, the manufacturers are supplying the camera with a night light for the kids – a cool gadget for you and something for them too! The night light will even help with the camera’s night vision sensors if you decide to place both in the same room.

When comparing this model to the other four it is obvious that this camera steps out of line and is more distinct from the others. It has many features the others can’t boast about such as color night vision, an extendable stand and the bonus gift we just mentioned. It might cost more than most of the other models but there’s no subscription to contemplate here – which could mean its actually great value for money and one of the cheapest over the long term. Sold?


  • No subscription needed
  • Night vision is in color
  • Wider lens
  • Bonus gift included


  • Limited memory – only 16GB!

  Our Final Verdict: We love this camera because it’s one of the models which has tried to do things differently. These innovations certainly work and its only shortcoming is in its memory!


Still haven’t made your mind up? No problem! To help you out a little further, we’re going to tell you which wireless nanny cam we think is the best of the bunch and which one we believe makes your dollars stretch the furthest.

Our favorite nanny cam out of these five models is the Amazon model. Now, it is expensive and that’s a massive mark against it when compared to the competition, but it’s also the most advanced of our recommendations.

Features like the motion detection, two way audio, and Alexa compatibility make this a standout in the usability department.

The EZVIZ model is exceptional value for money and along with the Wansview camera is the best choice when it comes to value for money. If you’re on a tight budget then consider these two!

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woman holding a nanny camera

Buyer’s Guide

Before you rush out and throw any old nanny camera in your basket, we would like to give you even more advice and discuss some talking points about these products…

What are the Key Considerations?

Before you buy one of these cameras with the coolest features to impress your friends, take a moment to consider what you’re using the camera for. Nanny cameras may be used to monitor the nanny or it may be used to monitor property and possessions.

If you’re using the camera to monitor your nanny’s actions in a room they have permission to be in, having a sophisticated camera with motion sensors is going to be fruitless. You’ll just end up bombarded with notifications that don’t tell you anything. If you do have big rooms, a camera with a wide lens to capture the full room or one you can control to pan around the room to follow the nanny will be more beneficial.

If you’re using the camera to guard a particular possession or a specific room, then it’s a different story. It may be your bedroom or a collection of expensive jewelry in a wardrobe. On these occasions, it’s much wiser to get a camera with motion sensors that will instantly notify you of a potential violation of your space. Be aware that these notifications may also be triggered by pets or curtains blowing from a draught.

A lot of the time this will mean you have to pay for subscriptions to get notifications. The cheapest option here, the Faleemi Nanny Cam, is a grand exception that will give you motion detection without a subscription to save you a lot of money.

nanny cam and toys

But, are Nanny Cameras Legal?

Filming inside your home is perfectly legal. There are no reasons why you wouldn’t be able to create footage of the inside of your own property whether owned or rented. This goes for nanny cameras too. You can legally film your nanny or anybody else employed that comes inside your home to work. There are some exceptions, however. You cannot film them in sensitive areas such as restrooms or bathrooms.

All seems obvious right? But what about telling the nanny that you have cameras around the house? should you tell them? It’s a bit of a moral decision. The right thing to do would probably be to tell them they can be seen. It may also put them off doing anything untoward and may even get them to up their nannying game. This could be a useful technique if you get a new babysitter or nanny and want to set the rules and boundaries early on.

best nanny cam_camera on shelf

Letting them know there is a camera also lets you make use of one of their best features. Two-way audio is a great way for you to get in contact with the nanny and be able to see they’re not lying about having everything under control. You can use it to direct them to items or offer advice and support. If you don’t tell them but still decide to use it then you will blow your cover and maybe freak them out while they’re working. There’s a good chance you could lose their trust as well.

Yet, there may be times where you would rather not let them know the house is bugged with cameras. If you suspect something is going on – maybe you’re missing a watch, your dog has a weird limp, or your children have directly accused them of doing something – then you may want to keep the cameras hush and use them to see if the allegations or your suspicious hunch is true. Pretend to go out and watch them from nearby in case something does happen.

Telling them there is a camera at this point will just make them be on their best behavior and you’ll have no evidence to protect your family. Nanny cameras certainly require you to be calculated in your approach.

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Thanks for joining us on our nanny cam buyer guide. Whether you’re searching for a camera because you have suspicions about the nanny, want to watch the dog or kids, or just want additional security, we have shown you some outstanding options with the likes of Faleemi and EZVIZ models that we think can’t be beaten on the current market. We hope to see you with us again as we discuss and review more interesting, unique and convenient products.

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